Reactoonz by Play’n GO Test & Review

Reactoonz by Play'n GO

Reactoonz is one of the most exciting slots ever made and an online casino favorite to many players alike. While playing this slot there are so many things happening, that the player has to focus completely on the game to follow the action.  Another masterpiece by Play’n Go!

Reactoonz a cascading grid slot

The slot is played on a 7×7 grid with symbols dropping from the top. Any 5 or more symbols (toonz) of the same kind will make a wining combination, which is eliminated from the grid and a cascade, more toonz dropping from the top, is activated. This sounds easy and you may have seen this on many other slots but there is so much more at Reactoonz.

Giantoonz, Fluctuation and Instability

Four matching normal symbols adjacent to each other in a square shape automatically form a Giantoon. Wins are doubled in any winning combination that a Giantoon is part of. Doubling your win boosts the highest possible winning combination to 1500x your wager, but remember that you get many winning combinations with the cascades that even more than 1500x is possible.

Another nice feature of Reactoonz is the Fluctuation. Every slot spin one random one-eyed symbol type (There are 4 two-eyed and 4 one-eyed symbols) is marked as fluctuating symbol. If any of the marked symbols are part of a winning combination, they will leave 2 wild symbols behind!

If the player is unlucky and gets an non-winning spin, there is a chance to trigger an instability. The instability will drop 4 to 8 wilds onto the grid, hopefully making your non-winning spin a big winner!

Quantum Features of Reactoonz

At Reactoonz 4 awesome Quantum features can be triggered by filling up the Quantum Leap bars. There are 4 bars, filled by winning combinations of 25 symbols each, triggering a random Quantum feature when filled completely.

Reactoonz Quantum Features

Releasing the Gargantoon

We spoke about filling up 4 bars to trigger the features but what about the 5th bar? If you manage to also fill up the last 5th bar you will release the Gargantoon, which is the ultimate goal of the casino slot Reactoonz! The Gargantoon is triggers 3 times each time placing an awesome amount of wilds onto your grid. Watch our video to see Reactoonz and the release of the Gargantoon in action!

Reactoonz – An Alien Race for the Win – Big Win Gameplay video

Big Win Screenshots

797x Big win Reactoonz

797x Big win Reactoonz

960x Reactoonz Ultra Big Win

960x Reactoonz Ultra Big Win

609 x big win Reactoonz

609 x big win Reactoonz

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