Casino Bonus Terms and Wager explained

In this guide we will clarify what different kind of online casino bonuses are attainable and how you wager these casino bonuses to cash it out!

Percentage deposit casino bonus  review

Casino Bonus

Online casinos are always offering percentage bonuses for new players. These casino bonuses consist of a percentage and a maximum amount. It looks like that: 200% up to 100€. This means you get 200% your deposit as casino bonus money but a maximum of 100€! Paying more than 50€ will not give you any more bonus money. The player should always calculate how much he has to deposit to don’t waste deposit. Depositing more than the maximum amount for the casino bonus is no good idea and the player should consider splitting his deposit. Play with maximum casino bonus first. If you loose your balance do another deposit to play with another casino bonus or with raw cash and no wagering requirements!

Commonly used percentages of deposit casino bonuses

  • 200% – The casino doubles your deposit
  • 100% – The casino matches your deposit
  • 50% – You get half of your deposit on top from the casino
  • 25% – You get one quarter of your deposit on top from the casino

Sticky casino bonus review

First we have to explain what a sticky bonus is. A sticky casino bonus will “stick” to your money the moment you receive the casino bonus. A simple example: The player deposits 50€ and gets a 100% bonus up to 50€. Right after your deposit you balance will be 100€ and you have to wager your casino bonus prior to cashing out the money.

There are quiet a few scenarios how much this casino bonus has to be wagered. You have to take a look at how many times you have to wager the casino bonus amount. Naturally this is 25x, 35x, 40x or 50x (x = times, e.g. 25X = 25 times. You will see this synonym for “times” quite often in the casino world. Most of the time when you speak of bonus wager or big wins like 100x = 100 times the amount per spin).

Just after you know how many x you are about to wager your bonus you need to check if this x will be multiplied with your whole amount received or just with the bonus money. If we take our example from above there could be a 35x on both, money and bonus, leading to a wager of 35x 100€ = 3500€. If the wager requirement multiplies just the casino bonus amount received, you normally see higher x multipliers, but it can be better for the player because in many cases it results in less wager! We calculate another wager with our example from above. Now we have 50x on bonus amount leading to a 50x 50€ (bonus money) = 2500€ wager. As you can see a higher x wager in the casino bonus terms can be pretty good for a player if this x only multiplies the bonus money!


Now that you know how much you have to wager you can go on playing slots. I said playing slots because in most casinos this is the only way to wager a casino bonus. While checking the terms and conditions always take a look at what games contribute to wagering your casino bonus. In most cases every € you spend at the casino contributes to the amount you have to wager, but there are also games (usually high volatile games or jackpot games) that will not contribute to your wager or just partially.

Commonly used is a percentage amount of 50% and 25%, which means you have to spent 2€ and 4€ respectively. 0% means no wagering at all while playing this game! Be careful because some online casinos will prohibit playing games with 0% wager and playing this games can void your casino bonus or balance. Typically table games or live casino are 0% wager games, but also some slots like Dead or Alive or The Wish Master. You will ever find a list of the restricted games in the casino terms & conditions. Don’t forget to check them out!

Cashing out a casino bonus

If you finally made it and wagered the whole amount needed to do a cashout, most of the times all the money in the account is yours. The casino converts the casino bonus into real cash!
In rare occasions a casino has different bonus terms where you can never withdraw the casino bonus money or there is a maximum amount you can withdraw with a bonus. You should not play at an online casino where the bonus money is gone after wagering, because there are so many good bonuses out there where you can keep the bonus amount after the hard work you put into wagering the whole casino bonus!

Wager Max bet

Another trap can be the max bet while playing a casino bonus. The most commonly max bet while playing with a casino bonus is 5€, but lower, higher or even no max bet are also existent in the  online casino world! As always look out for a max bet in the casino terms & conditions.

Non sticky casino bonus review

Have you ever heard about a non sticky bonus? With this casino bonus you can withdraw your money without finishing the wagering! With a non sticky bonus active, the player uses the real money before the bonus money. This real money can always be cashed out. If the player looses his real money and touches the bonus balance, the wagering requirements come into effect. If you are playing with bonus money, it is possible that a max bet comes into effect.

The non sticky casino bonus is superior to the sticky casino bonus, as long as you win big in the beginning, you can always do a cashout. Players don’t have to play for big amounts because of the casino bonus money sticking to the balance. If a cashout is requested the bonus money is forfeit and only the real money is available to withdraw. Requirement for all this is of course that you just played with the real money balance, e.g. you got 100€ (50€ cash and 50€ bonus money) and your balance ever was above 50,01€. Going to 50€ or less triggers the bonus and you have to wager!

Look out for casinos having a non sticky casino bonus!

Free Spins review

Free Spins are another option for the online casino to give the player a casino bonus. The Free Spins can be wager free, but in most cases a wager is required for the accumulated winnings of the Free Spins. The required amount is calculated the same way as the bonus money requirements. It is  most likely something like around 40-50x. The multiplier is different from the bonus money multiplier and should be found somewhere in the terms and condition.

Free Spins expample: You got 10 Spins at Starburst at a stake of 0.10€ and you win 1.25€. Your wager requirement will be 50x * 1.25€ = 62.50€. If you did bets equaling 62.50€ while the casino bonus is active all the money is yours! Attention: Some casinos have a maximum amount you can cashout from Free Spin winnings.

No deposit bonus review

What is the best casino bonus you can possibly have? A free casino bonus with no condition? You got it! Look no further, claim one of our no deposit bonus offers!

The no deposit bonus is actually the best for the player. There is no need to spend any money and you get something for free! This could be a flat amount of money or Free Spins. Depending on the terms & conditions you can have wager requirements or not. Our top no deposit bonuses are completely wager free and you are able to win up to 500€ without any risk!

We think no example for this kind of casino bonus is necessary because everyone will understand that this is the king of online casino bonuses!

In the rare cases where you don’t want to play with a bonus you often have the option to not claim the bonus. If you already claimed it but did not play, just ask the casino support to remove the bonus.